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Network Design & Implementation
Since the advent of the Internet, it has become crucial to design networks properly to prevent valuable (and possibly confidential) information from leaving the business. JORNETWORKS, INC. specializes in network architecture, design, and implementation to prevent information from being removed or tampered with within your business. Contact JORNETWORKS, INC. to have someone explain the seriousness of lost information and how JORNETWORKS, INC. can help your business by providing a solid network design.

Network Consulting
JORNETWORKS, INC. offers maintenance contracts and hourly network consulting services for any time of network problem. Our maintenance contracts allow you to receive services within specified periods thus allowing you to concentrate on your business and let JORNETWORKS, INC. handle or networking needs.

Network Upgrades
JORNETWORKS, INC. can evaluate your existing network and make recommendations for upgrading your network for higher throughput and better performance.

Network Firewalls
JORNETWORKS, INC. can evaluate, recommend or setup your firewall and DMZ networks. We use the following firewall products:

Broadband Cable Networks
At&T 's broadband cable system has exploded in throughout the Metropolitan areas in the country. The service you get from the cable company does not explain any of the setting for your high speed Internet access and you don't know how to make your other systems use the same connection.

JORNETWORKS, INC. has a proven track record configuring high speed cable connection to a local area network with firewall protection, stream-lined configuration, and an explanation of your network design.

Dial-up Internet Networks
Don't want to spend the money to get a high speed Internet connection or you just want help in getting a Dial-up connection to the Internet?

JORNETWORKS, INC. has a proven track record helping businesses establish Dial-up Internet access, automating the connection and explaining basic Internet applications to get you up and running.

High Speed DSL Networks
DSL has exploded in throughout the Metropolitan areas in the country. The service you get from your telephone company is nearly non-existent and you are left trying to figure everything out to get your network running. On top of this, nobody explains that a DSL connection to the Internet is a 24 x 7 active connection and your valuable information on your network can be attached if it is not protected with a firewall.

JORNETWORKS, INC. has a proven track record ordering DSL lines, managing the various aspect of the DSL installation, configuring DSL to a local area network with firewall protection, stream-lined configuration, and an explanation of your network design.

Small Business Networks
JORNETWORKS, INC. offers complete networking solutions for the Small Business. We can design, implement, and explain any of the network designs discussed here (Cable, Dial-up, DSL or Satellite) or create a custom network typology which could include such things as a wireless network.

You work hard to make your business process efficient and productive, but for some reason, your network is not performing as well as you expect. JORNETWORKS, INC. can assist you by evaluating your network performance and recommending solutions to your problems.

Network Security
With all direct Internet connections (Cable, DSL or Satellite), there is a very high probability that information on your private network could be tampered with from the Internet. JORNETWORKS, INC. recommends that any high speed connection to the Internet use a firewall and virus protection (on every computer) on your network. Part of our networking service is to ensure that our clients have a solid network design and will help your business understand these issues.

Complete Web Services

JORNETWORKS, INC. offers a wide range of web services to fit your needs. From a basic 4 page site to full service web hosting, we are sure we can customize a solution for you and your company.

No set-up fee when prepaid for 12 months

Additional web space $0.10 per MB per month
Additional Traffic-Bandwidth $2 per GB (no block purchase, calculated at exactly what you use to the KB)

We will transfer domains to our servers free of charge.
You can park as many domains as you want on our name servers.
You can point unlimited sub domains to any web site in your package.
add additional name servers on POWER-KIT for $20 per name server.

Unlimited aliases for all mailboxes in all packages.
Auto responder limit is only limited by the number of mailboxes.
You can have as many forwarders forwarding to several other mailboxes.
Email sent to an unknown address is sent to a special mailbox you set (Catchall)
Administer all email functionality from your web browser.
Every mailbox can be checked and managed from a web browser. Check your email from anywhere using a normal internet connection and a web browser.

Web sites & Services
JORNETWORKS, INC. has access to anything you need to build your site

Site Management
Users allow you to have a login and password combination which are used for FrontPage, Dreamweaver, visual studio administration, password protected directories and FTP logins.

Every web site can be developed, edited and managed with all versions of FTP, DreamWeaver, FrontPage and Visual Studio
A fully customisable control panel is included in all packages inclusive of a file manager to upload and edit your site(s)
An FTP site allows you to have anonymous FTP access for your site visitors, maintain log files of FTP activity and set special FTP welcome messages when people FTP to your FTP site.

Statistics & Promotion
Raw Logs are kept for all sites (we gather all data in log files that IIS allows)

All scripting engines are available to all web sites on all web hosting packages.
We maintain the latest scripting engines.
We also maintain a watch for the latest updates and security alerts.
We do provide 14 days notice before upgrading any scripting engine so you have time to test and update your code.
When available we do try to provide multiple versions on the same server in times of version upgrade across the server.

We are happy to assist clients with specific needs in developing their web applications
We do allow the running of scheduled applications/Visual Basic scripts, custom components and special software installs.
We do reserve the right to uninstall any component or software application or stop any site that may effect the performance, uptime or security of the server. We try hard to offer maximum flexibility in a shared hosting environment.
Components already installed: ASPmail, ASPImage, SAfileup, ASPsmartupload, ASPhttp, Jmail, ASPupload
Custom Component setup $10 one time setup fee per component

You are allowed to use an unlimited number of Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Excel databases in all packages.
Use an unlimited number of ODBC or DSN-less connections in all accounts.
Latest MDAC installed on all servers.
You can setup an unlimited number of SQL Server databases in your account and you will only be charged a setup fee for additional databases over the number provided in SQL-Kit, PRO-Kit or POWER-Kit.
MySQL space is only restricted by the space in your account.

You can upload and use an unlimited number of Flash and Shockwave files in your site and both are fully supported.

All servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
All servers are updated with the latest security patches & virus scanners daily.

Customer Support
Support Personnel are always working for you 24 hours a day.
All support via control panel and email is logged in our support system.
Telephone number for urgent/ difficult queries with call back.
All support is answered with a response emailed within 24 hours

Online statements and invoice available for all accounts.
24 hour guaranteed response to all billing enquiries with your account.

All our staff are friendly, approachable people who are eager to ensure you have the best experience possible
No matter what challenge you might face we will do our best to devise a solution to assist you


Local and Wide Area Solutions Networks

Designs : Recommendations and Designs for your complete network
Configurations : Install and update state of the art LOCAL and WIDE AREA networks
Hardware : Install and update all brands of network hub equipment, power supplies and port panels
Data/Phone Wiring : Implement the latest technology in data and phone wiring
Electrical : Add new and upgrade electrical services to accommodate your high powered office

Many business' are growing faster and faster. Maybe your business is bigger then it ever was. It could even be larger except your computers are not able handle the work load. Did you know that your computers actually "get tired"? They do. This drastically reduces your computer's performance. Maybe it's time to up-grade your office. Networked Servers could be your answer. Call us at 610-941-6595 to discuss how your business can grow with our help.

New Installations : Install all file server types and configure resources for sharing
Upgrades : Increase file server resources for improved network performance
Configuration : Maximize the use of expensive office computer equipment with our sharing solutions
Administration : Apply sound rules for managing and maintaining user access and security

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