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JORNETWORKS, INC.  offers a great web site design package to get your online presence up and running quickly and affordably. These packages are perfect for new or small businesses. Our web site packages offer incredible value and are loaded with features to help you succeed online.

Our web site design package includes a professional custom rendering. Your company image is very important, and for that reason we do not use cookie cutter templates. Each design is custom, and professional.

Our goal is to give you a professional online presence quickly and affordably.

Business Starter Website Package - 5 pages

Domain Registration (1 year)
Professional Design (2 renderings)
Up to 4 pages of content
Contact Form
5 email accounts
Site Statistics
Customer Support

We will transfer domains to our servers free of charge.
You can park as many domains as you want on our name servers.
You can point unlimited sub domains to any web site in your package.

Unlimited aliases for all mailboxes in all packages.
Auto responder limit is only limited by the number of mailboxes.
You can have as many forwarders forwarding to several other mailboxes.
Administer all email functionality from your web browser.
Every mailbox can be checked and managed from a web browser. Check your email from anywhere using a normal internet connection and a web browser.

SPAM Blocking
Using the best technology in the industry, JORNETWORKS, INC. is able to block more than 95% of SPAM that is sent to your e-mail. Sometime the blocker works too well in which case, you have the ability to review what was block and retrieve it should it be a legitimate e-mail message.

Site Management
Users allow you to have a login and password combination which are used for FrontPage, Dreamweaver, visual studio administration, password protected directories and FTP logins.

Every web site can be developed, edited and managed with all versions of FTP, DreamWeaver, FrontPage and Visual Studio
A fully customisable control panel is included in all packages inclusive of a file manager to upload and edit your site(s)
An FTP site allows you to have anonymous FTP access for your site visitors, maintain log files of FTP activity and set special FTP welcome messages when people FTP to your FTP site.

Site Statistics
Raw Logs are kept for all sites. You will be able to who is coming to your site when and what pages they are going to most. You will see the most popular pages on your site. This is extremely usefully if you are seeing products.

All scripting engines are available to all web sites on all web hosting packages.
We maintain the latest scripting engines.
We also maintain a watch for the latest updates and security alerts.
We do provide 14 days notice before upgrading any scripting engine so you have time to test and update your code.
When available we do try to provide multiple versions on the same server in times of version upgrade across the server.

We are happy to assist clients with specific needs in developing their web applications
We do allow the running of scheduled applications/Visual Basic scripts, custom components and special software installs.
We do reserve the right to uninstall any component or software application or stop any site that may effect the performance, uptime or security of the server. We try hard to offer maximum flexibility in a shared hosting environment.

You are allowed to use an unlimited number of Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Excel databases in all packages.
Use an unlimited number of ODBC or DSN-less connections in all accounts.
Latest MDAC installed on all servers.
You can setup an unlimited number of SQL Server databases in your account and you will only be charged a setup fee for additional databases over the number provided in SQL-Kit, PRO-Kit or POWER-Kit.
MySQL space is only restricted by the space in your account.

You can upload and use an unlimited number of Flash and Shockwave files in your site and both are fully supported.

All servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
All servers are updated with the latest security patches & virus scanners daily.

Customer Support
All support via control panel and email is logged in our support system.
Telephone number for urgent/ difficult queries with call back.
All support is answered with a response emailed within 24 hours

Online statements and invoice available for all accounts.
24 hour guaranteed response to all billing enquiries with your account.

No matter what challenge you might face we will do our best to devise a solution to assist you

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